Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Summary on the "Motown Movement" & thesis

In the article “This Detroit House is being turned into a living model of cost-saving sustainable design”, Peters (2016) illustrates how a group of three architecture graduates, through their project ‘“Motown Movement”’, aim to share the techniques of constructing a “sustainable” house. The locals had already implement some forms of eco-friendly practices but still lack in knowledge of modifying their houses in a more cost-efficient way. As such, the students constructed a house and converted it into a training facility to educate the public on energy efficient methods. A “do-it-yourself” approach is adopted and materials used are available at various local supply stores. They aim for the project to be applicable across different global climates and to increase awareness of this movement.

In my opinion, the students should come up with a less aggressive approach when introducing drastic changes into the community of making Detroit environmentally friendly.
Adele Peters (2016, July 7). This Detroit House Is Being Turned Into A Living Model OF Cost-Saving Sustainable Design. Retrieved from


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