Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Problem & purpose statement

Problem Statement

The Park and Ride Scheme has failed to attract its intended users (motorists working in CBD) as the scheme was inconvenient to them. Furthermore, unintended users of the scheme were also able to abuse the system. The scheme was under close scrutiny and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) finally announced that the scheme would be decommissioned with effect from 1 Dec 2016. In view of this, what are some adjustments that could be made by LTA to revive the scheme?  
Purpose Statement
This paper proposes to Land Transport Authority of Singapore two new ways to revamp the system of the Park & Ride Scheme: 1) boosting its user friendliness and 2) tightening the eligibility criteria of the scheme to control the motorists using the P&R carparks so as to prevent any abuse of the system, which would ensure that the scheme’s benefits reach out to solely its intended parties
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