Friday, 25 November 2016

Analytical Reflection

Knowing myself, I am aware that presentation is not my forte. I have the tendency to rush through my slides and not maintain a good eye contact across the room. In extreme cases, I fail to organize my thoughts and err throughout my presentation. Such stage-fright usually affects my confidence and it also makes me realized that there is a possibility of poor delivery of ideas and points which could leave audience confused or clueless.

With every practice we had in class, I have learnt to communicate with the audience effectively and explore new ways of presenting my ideas. That being said, I practiced presenting my points repeatedly through the mirror in my room so that during the presentation, I would be able to maintain a good pace. Although there was a moment where I felt that I was going too fast during the actual presentation, I was able to regain my composure and ensure that the audience understood my points clearly before I moved on to the next point. This was the part that I felt strongly about during my presentation. However, I felt less secure when answering the questions probed by my classmates. I should have expected or prepared myself for the types of questions that were going to be asked. I was unsure about answering them at first but thankfully with the help of my group mates, I managed to do it.

I am glad that the comments given to me based on my final presentation were positive. However, I believe that there is always room for improvement such as to foresee the types of queries that they might have and be better equipped when being prompted questions. Therefore, I believe that with this new lesson learnt, it will benefit me for future presentations.

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  1. Thanks, Danish, for this detailed review. You explain in a rather theoretical way what makes for a good presentation. But I wonder after reading this reflection what parts of your group's presentation you felt strongly about and what you felt less secure about.

    As you approach your next presentation, I also wonder what you feel you can improve. Whatever the case, good luck with that!

  2. Hello Dan!

    I felt that you did a great job during the presentation although there were several times that you stuttered however you remained composed. I realised that I too, have the same problems as you. Hopefully we'll improved along the journey ahead.

    All ze best!

  3. Hey Danish!
    Thank You for this heartfelt reflection. I can totally relate to you when it comes to not maintaining eye contact and always rushing when it comes to presentation. I feel that through this experience, you have really grown in your writing skills from this fine reflection. Do not be worried about the minor flaws you may have in presenting, I feel that with added confidence and practice, you can definitely elevate your presentation skills further! Pleasure learning with you! Cheers!