Friday, 9 December 2016

Letter of transmittal

31 October 2016
Brad Blackstone
Senior Lecturer
Singapore Institute of Technology
SIT @ Dover
10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683

Dear Brad,

Proposal for the enhancement of the Park & Ride Scheme

This letter is to inform you of our acknowledgement to your letter of authorization. We would like to present to you our proposal for the enhancement of the Park & Ride (P&R) scheme to further improve the scheme.

The Park & Ride scheme was introduced in the 1970s to tackle the traffic congestion issue in the Central Business District (CBD) area by encouraging drivers to park at carparks along the fringes of the CBD and connecting these carparks to public transport systems such as the MRT and public buses. However, the scheme was unpopular throughout the years as it brought about many inconveniences to its users. Furthermore, the scheme was subjected to abuse as unintended motorists took advantage of the cheaper parking rates offered at the P&R carparks.

In view of this, our team has developed two solutions to tackle the issues faced by scheme. The first solution would be to engage private bus companies to provide shuttle bus services to ferry applicants of the scheme into the CBD. This would increase the convenience for motorists in the second phase of their journey to their workplaces in the CBD. The second solution is to tighten the control of the usage of the scheme. This is achieved by requiring a potential user to make a formal registration for the scheme. As such, only the user of the P&R scheme will be able to enjoy the benefits and privileges which will be further elaborated in our report below.

The team would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our proposal. We hope that you will consider our proposed solutions to re-commission the P&R scheme which will reduce the traffic congestion in the CBD area.

Yours sincerely,

Team KAD (Kevin, Alcina, Danish)

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